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Edgerton Bakery - Minnesota BakeryEdgerton Bakery has developed a name for itself over the years. Its one of the longest running businesses in Edgerton, MN. The Bakery has had several owners and a name change or two, but the quality of the products still can't be beat.

In 1920 Mr. Sol added 50*50 space in back of the restaurant on Main Street Edgerton. It became one of only three bakeries in the United States to make Dutch rusks.

Between 1923 and 1926 the bakery had various owner: H.Kluis, Frank Roetman, and John Huisken. In 1927, Dick J. Jolink became the sole owner, and retained the bakery for many years. Leslie Krosschell purchased the bakery from Jolink in 1954, but kept it only for six years before selling it to Nick Vlietstra in 1960.

After 16 years in the baking business, Nick sold the bakery to his daughter and son-in-law, Andy and Judy Brummel, in 1976. The Brummels ran the bakery for 23 years before selling it to the present owners, Scott and Marcia Landin, on November 1, 1999.

Presently the bakery has 12 employees. The Bakery begins the process every morning.  We bake bread, buns, sweet rolls, and fried rolls.  Our specialties are the ALMOND PATTIES, CREAM PUFFS and anise candy.

Stop in and visit us at our location on Main Street in Edgerton, MN.  Can't make it to the store?  You can order select items from Edgerton Bakery online!